Payroll entails the process we use to make sure that all salary-related matters take place under the purview of the law. What we do – after we receive the client’s timekeeping, we file the payroll, the pay slips and accounting notes that we then redirect towards the client. We also file the 112 document at the Fiscal Administration, a monthly mandatory action that must take place before the 25th of each month.
Checking and filing of primary data
This stage entails checking the timekeeping, bonuses, vacations and medical leaves to ensure that the legislation is followed to the letter.
The payroll process
Printing and delivering the pay slip
We make sure the pay slip is filed on a monthly basis and that that it’s delivered with the payroll. Why the pay slip is beneficial: the company ensures transparency for employees and comfort in case of an audit. Furthermore, did you know that the pay slip can be customized depending on the client’s requirements? We make sure that the document is created exactly to your wishes and that it reaches the employees every month.
Sending the bank files
This process entails filling out specific documents for the bank the client chose to collaborate with, in order to process the online payment of employees. What we do: we handle every file and forward it to the bank making sure the process is secure and efficient.
Generating payroll accounting notes
This process entails the filing of the accounting note specific to each company and features all taxes and accounts. Apart from creating these, we make sure they follow every fiscal guideline and are correctly generated in order to facilitate the accountant’s work.
Generating and filing monthly statements
Generating and filing annual fiscal documents
This entails the creating and filing of the 205 statement which entails all 112 statements for the period of one year. We write this statement and file it annually at the National Fiscal Administration Agency, making sure all information is according to fiscal requirements. That way you know you’re in safe hands and have one less thing to deal with.
Recovering medical leave sums




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