It’s said that a good farmer makes a good farm. This is why during the recruitment process we highlight both the inter-human and professional sides so that the employer, as well as the employee are satisfied and grow together.
What we do during the recruitment process?
We visit the client in order to discuss in detail the specs of the job and to define the profile of the ideal employee;

Once the profile is set, we use multiple sources in order to find the desired person. We either use recommendations, search specialty websites or our own database to make sure the client’s requirements are fulfilled;

We set up a meeting with the potential hire in order to get to know them better and to see if they fit the employer’s profile;

If the potential employee fits the initial profile, we set up a second meeting, this time with the employer in order to observe the interaction between the two. Based on the connection, we can tell if the person meets the standards or if we need to keep looking;

Once the person is selected, during the trial period we support the employer and employee in order to ensure that the positive connection between them lasts and that both parties and delighted with their choice. Contrary to the fact, we restart the recruitment process.

Why choose us for the recruitment process?

We take part in the meeting between employer and potential employee to closely monitor the interaction;

We highlight both the professional and human sides and try to make sure what each party wants in order to have, at the end of the process, a happy employer who is content with their choice and a motivated employee;

We know that each new beginning can be difficult so, during the trial period, we keep in touch with both sides, in order to ensure there are no issues and each party is happy with the choice they made;

We have a large database that contains professional candidates with experience, skills and qualifications from different fields;

We offer a warranty period of three months to a year, depending on the position;

Our consultants cover all business niches and are fluent in English, French, Spanish and German.





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