Personnel management involves all the necessary paperwork a new employee needs in order for everything to take place in an appropriate legal framework.

We offer FREE legal consultancy - we are up to date regarding all legal changes, so we know what has changed and we consequently inform you of any modifications. We are here for any question/query regarding personnel management activity.

We know what it’s like to waste time in queues in order to take care of your paperwork. Leave them to us, we’ll handle the relationship with the Regional Labor authorities! When you receive a notice from them, we will take care of all the paperwork so that you can save time as we ensure your comfort and the reliability of a process well carried out.

Personnel files audit

Personnel files audits usually happen every 6 months or so and target the review of each employee. This activity requires detailed knowledge about every employee so 2Work offers you complete flexibility: we can even spend some time on site in order to collect all the necessary data. After all, your comfort comes first!
Why outsource?
Personnel audits are free. They infer no extra cost and benefit your company getting you the full picture for every employee.

You reduce costs and ensure the reliability of experts who take full responsibility and are 100% involved in your company’s success.
Filing and registering individual labor contracts and additional paperwork
Given the fact that we are the intermediary between employer and employee, we write up the individual labor contract according to the current legal framework. After we make sure it’s signed by both parties, we register it at Revisal (the online platform for the Regional Labor authorities, where contracts need to be filed in order to officially begin the collaboration).
Filing and registering decisions of termination
Involves the organizing and filing of processes necessary for the termination of the employees’ labor contract. What do we do? We go through every stage of the process and make sure the employee in question receives their paperwork and leaves content. Better said, we make sure there are no issues with either the employer or the employee, by following the legal norms. An employee that leaves content, with all the paperwork they need, means a better image for your company.
Filing seniority certificates
Any former employee can request a seniority certificate. In this case, they must make a written request, following which, the company commits to offering them the document within 15 days. We make sure this process is no longer a hassle! When the employee leaves, we make sure to prepare the paperwork that contains both the decision of termination as well as the seniority document. This is how we help you, the employer, and save the former employee some time.
Generating the general employee registry
Labor contracts are registered at Revisal before the actual commencement of the activity. Because we do not do things half-way, we take care of both the labor contract and of filing it online. This way we commit to the full process and you can keep taking care of your business without any bureaucratic interruptions.
Different documents
Regardless if we’re talking about a document for kindergarten, the bank, the doctor or any other instance, we make sure they are made available the next day.

Why is it important that we handle this: Because of our expertise and because we know the employees history, it’s easier for us to generate the technical details necessary for each document. We also shorten the process and make sure that the documents are according to legal norms.





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