Find out how 2Work can help you correctly manage your staff and how to ensure happy and productive employees.


About us

2Work is a company that focuses on the efficiency of implemented processes and the client’s comfort. We are always up to speed with current legislation and we always notify our partners in a timely manner regarding any changes that may affect their business.

2Work’s services help you save time and reduce internal costs through solutions adapted to the most diverse situations: from payroll plans, to personnel recruitment, evaluation and labor legislation consultancy – 2Work offers you a full line of professional services.


Personnel management

We offer complete paperwork for each employee according to the current legal norms.


We make sure the payroll procedures take place efficiently and legally.


We offer free fiscal consultancy and help you eliminate the stress of deadlines when it comes to interactions with the fiscal authorities.

Labor legislation consultancy

We offer the most important news pertaining to any legal changes so you can make the best decisions for your business.


We combine the human and professional sides to make sure both you and the new employee grow together and are happy with the choice you made.


We help you find out how your company works – technically and professionally.

Our team


I’ve been working in the Human Resources area for more than 20 years. The experience I’ve amassed during this time has taught me how to help companies from different niches to develop by offering stability when it comes to personnel management. “Learning” and “involvement” are the keywords that define me – I am always up to date regarding the latest changes in labor law and I completely dedicate myself to each and every client that I work with.


People say about me that passion defines everything I do. I am very well acquainted with legislation and accounting, hence, I try to apply them to the letter, so to speak, by using two basic rules: efficiency and the client’s comfort. I also like to believe that I am a balanced person, even under stress, so that, regardless of the situation, I arm myself with perseverance and do everything in my power to find the best solutions for the client. Hence, when I introduce myself, I use the term “passionate accounting expert”.




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